Public happy with charities in political process

The majority of the public (57%) is comfortable with charities engaging in the political process, according to new research from nfpSynergy.

The survey of a thousand adults was carried out before the government announced it would insert an anti-lobbying clause into all grant agreements – as reported in Third Force News.

Only 6 per cent of public respondents would be “put off from giving to a particular charity” because of its campaigning to change a law. This and key findings in Civil Society News.

The research also covered MPs, whose views are divided along party lines, and journalists, generally supportive of charity campaigning. Get ‘Public, media and MPs’ attitudes towards campaigning’ in pdf download (registration required) or view in scribd, via nfpSynergy page.

Clarifying the anti-advocacy clauses

NCVO met Cabinet Office officials to raise questions about the scope and implementation of the anti-advocacy clause for government grants. There is an update from this ‘Five (somewhat) answered questions on the anti-advocacy clause‘.