Gathering, sharing, analysing sector data

Progress with two new charity data sharing initiatives in children’s services, charity funding/grants.

Data sharing in children’s services

SupportShare is an experiment in data sharing in the field of children’s services, testing the hypothesis: is access to other data a sufficient incentive for organisations to share their own data?

The project is run by sector thinktank NPC, NSPCC, and tech partner Hactar, with a website at NPC has an article giving some background in ‘You give, you get‘.

Charity funding data

The Civil Society Data Partnership programme being run by NCVO and Third Sector Research Centre, and funded by ESRC, has set up a project website. Content is a little sparse to start, with a recent addition of a schematic of intended research outputs. More will follow.

The programme is also holding an event in Manchester on 17th March, to look at data produced by grant makers on who they have made grants to. This aims to be a practical day immersed in the data to start using it to answer interesting questions. More details and booking for Charity Data Challenge on Eventbrite.