Charity regulators’ advice on banking, online extortion

Scottish banking advice for charities

New guidance to support charities with their banking arrangements has been produced by the Scottish  charity regulator.

OSCR has worked with the British Bankers’ Association, the Charity Finance Group and others. While the guidance builds on an existing BBA leaflet for England and Wales, this has a specifically Scottish focus. Aimed at charity trustees and managers, it provides key information on banking, including choosing and opening the right bank account, understanding banking charges and fees, and how to switch accounts.

See OSCR news item or download ‘Banking for Charities’ direct (pdf, 884KB, rather odd page size).

Online ‘ransom’ demands could impact charities

The charity regulator for England and Wales has issued a news alert ‘Charities at risk of online extortion demands‘. This is regulatory advice from the Charity Commission under section 15(2) of the Charities Act 2011:

Trustees, charity professionals and volunteers should be aware of online extortion or ‘ransom’ demands currently affecting UK businesses. … This advice is particularly relevant for those charities which operate overseas and/or deal with international partners in high risk zones.