Changes urged on law restricting charity campaigning

Lord Hodgson’s review of the Lobbying Act has produced “a package of recommendations proposes tightening some rules and relaxing others”, according to the government minister releasing the report. The written statement, released on 17th March, goes on to say

“We will now carefully consider the package of proposals. Some involve changes to the existing regulatory regime, some changes to primary legislation and some are recommendations to the Electoral Commission.”

Go to the publication page for web and print versions of ‘Third party election campaigning: getting the balance right’.

Sector organisations have welcomed the report as recommending major changes to the Lobbying Act. See Civil Society News coverage, and NCVO’s article ‘Lobbying Act: Reviewed and improved‘. Along with listing the recommendations and why they are welcome, the latter says

Lord Hodgson recommends a number of important changes to the Act, all of which are carefully linked to each other almost as part of a puzzle. So it is very clear that the recommendations are to be seen as a package: you cannot pick and choose.

Your editor is rather less optimistic that there will be progress here, given that the report was rather buried by being released the day after the Budget.

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