Added charity advice on direct marketing regs

The Information Commissioner’s Office has updated its guidance on direct marketing regulation, “to ensure it can continue to enable organisations to understand how to comply with the law and follow good practice”.

As stated in the ICO blog item ‘Talked about marketing guidance gets update’

The most notable addition for many will be a greater focus on scenarios involving not-for-profit organisations. It is important to remember that the law requires charities to follow the same rules as any other organisation, but the high-profile difficulties some have found in meeting that requirement has meant we’ve provided more advice to this sector within the guidance, including specific examples.

ICO also says that it has an ongoing investigation into how charities have complied with the law, and is working with charities who are keen to improve their approach.

The revised ‘Direct marketing guidance’ is the top publication listed on ICO’s charity pages or direct download link (pdf, 614KB).