Further sector analysis of Budget 2016

Further voluntary sector analysis and commentary on the government’s latest Budget. Also see the original VoluntaryNews coverage ‘Charities and Budget 2016‘.

From Charity Finance Group, ‘Budget Focus: What was hidden in the numbers for charities?‘ delves into the detail in the Office for Budget Responsibility’s ‘Economic and Fiscal Outlook‘. The focus is on how the economy might impact government and household resources, and hence charity services. » Continue reading news item ... “Further sector analysis of Budget 2016”

History perspective on sector challenges

A Charity Aid Foundation’s blog item (Crisis and Response: What history tells us about the challenges facing UK charities) has pointed us in the direction of the fairly new ‘HistPhil’ – a blog on the History of Philanthropy (started June 2015).

HistPhil has been running a series on philanthropy and the state, and in particular a set of articles on governmental reform of charities within the UK, with titles:

Other pieces of interest include ‘When Philanthropy Engaged the Elderly Humanistically‘. » Continue reading news item ... “History perspective on sector challenges”

Research on public views of charity marketing

New research by sector specialists nfpSynergy found that charities have one of the lowest levels of complaints across 7 sectors, but they also have the highest level of people wanting to complain but not doing so.

The research, carried out in January with 1000 members of the general public, also found that nearly two-thirds were interested in a Fundraising Preference Service.

Read the key results in the nfpSynergy press release which also has a PowerPoint presentation on ‘Public attitudes to charity  marketing, complaints and the fundraising preference service’ to download.

Volunteering, libraries and multi-media resources

A couple of web pages that volunteer managers etc. might want to check out.

Volunteering in libraries

The increase of volunteering in the running of libraries has received recent press attention. NCVO’s head of research has written ‘The future of libraries and volunteering‘, pointing out that involving volunteers in libraries is nothing new. It also looks at what the changing environment means and what might be needed for volunteering to create a sustainable future for libraries. » Continue reading news item ... “Volunteering, libraries and multi-media resources”

Clarifying Gift Aid on “family donations”

HM Revenue and Customs has responded to recent reports in the national media that they have been restricting Gift Aid on donations which are accompanied by a message of support from a donor’s family.

“HMRC’s position has always been that Gift Aid can be claimed when an individual donor, who pays tax in the UK, makes a donation, even if additional names are added in a supporting message.

 » Continue reading news item ... “Clarifying Gift Aid on “family donations””

Added charity advice on direct marketing regs

The Information Commissioner’s Office has updated its guidance on direct marketing regulation, “to ensure it can continue to enable organisations to understand how to comply with the law and follow good practice”.

As stated in the ICO blog item ‘Talked about marketing guidance gets update’

The most notable addition for many will be a greater focus on scenarios involving not-for-profit organisations. It is important to remember that the law requires charities to follow the same rules as any other organisation, but the high-profile difficulties some have found in meeting that requirement has meant we’ve provided more advice to this sector within the guidance, including specific examples.

 » Continue reading news item ... “Added charity advice on direct marketing regs”