Third sector and the EU referendum

VoluntaryNews has covered the rules for voluntary organisations around campaigning in the EU referendum quite a bit already. Now that a date is set for the vote (23rd June), other coverage from a sector perspective is appearing.

Two pieces from Scotland’s Third Force News:

Thinktank NPC held an expert round table earlier in the month to try and unpick the topic, where one attendee advised that “every charity should, as a matter of course, be doing research into the impact of the EU referendum” on its mission. More in their blog ‘Over to EU?‘. The bad pun relates to an anonymous Twitter poll NPC is running on “whether or not your charity is planning to campaign on the EU referendum” – see NPC’s Twitter stream.


There’s definitely more around on charity campaigning on the EU referendum. We’ll update this piece with any useful material once its located. You can also use the tag EU referendum to find related post on VoluntaryNews.