Local charity services lost most in government cuts

New research reveals that small and medium-sized charities have been hardest hit by cuts in public funding to the sector since 2008, with the damage most felt by vulnerable people in the local communities they serve.

The evidence is compiled from two independent reports by NCVO and IPPR North funded by Lloyds Bank Foundation, covering England and Wales. Funding from local and central government for small and medium sized charities reduced by up to 44% between 2008/09 and 2012/13, a higher proportion of their income than for larger organisations.

Small and medium organisations are defined as having an income between £25,000 and £1 million.

See Lloyds Foundation news release, IPPR North’s ‘Too small to fail: How small and medium-sized charities are adapting to change and challenges’ or NCVO’s article ‘The squeezed middle: small and medium-sized charities in a changing financial landscape’.

Update: Lloyds Foundation also has a blog piece ‘Small and Medium Sized Charities: Making The Case‘.

One thought on “Local charity services lost most in government cuts

  1. I am a member of the Heywood Rotarians within the Rotarian International Organisation. They are particularly involved in supporting very small charities in the area who are finding it very difficult and even unable to attract funds.

    It is usual for all clubs to have speakers at their weekly meetings. The subjects for consideration include education community organisation etc. .

    With respect to the Northern Powerhouse Devolution it would be helpful if IPPR North would be willing an able to speak to the club as a guidance to a voluntary organisation such as Rotary.

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