Ideas on social prescribing, including volunteering

NCVO’s public services senior officer Lev Pedro has written about ‘Social prescribing: A new way of working or today’s hot topic?‘, following the inaugural conference of the national Social Prescribing Network.

He looks at some of the barriers, critical success factors, as well as “some age-old problems”. There’s also some useful links, including ‘What is social prescribing?’ (pdf, 601KB – note that this is a research article not a quick overview!).

Lev is keen to hear from anyone engaged in or developing social prescribing schemes, so that you can take part in the network, and can also help NCVO to form policy and influence decision makers.

Time to prescribe volunteering

Unconnected but on topic, The Guardian recently published ‘Is it time for doctors to prescribe volunteering?‘, as it could make you  healthier, feel less stressed and aid weight loss. This comes from American research.

Also see VoluntaryNews item ‘Volunteering has positive impact on health and wellbeing‘, based on an European study.