Conciliation Resources is latest recipient of Agenda Consulting’s Employee Engagement Award

Agenda ConsultingAgenda Consulting, a research consultancy specialising in the not-for-profit sector, has announced that Conciliation Resources, a peacebuilding NGO, is its latest Employee Engagement Award recipient.

Launched last year, Agenda Consulting’s Employee Engagement Award recognises charities and not-for-profit organisations which have demonstrated high levels of employee engagement and have best practice processes that can be shared in the sector to help other organisations improve their employee engagement levels.

To receive the award, organisations will have undertaken an Employee Engagement Survey with Agenda Consulting and achieved a response rate of at least 50%. 80% or more respondents must have agreed or strongly agreed with the statement: “I would wholeheartedly recommend this organisation as a good place to work,” signifying very high employee engagement.

Conciliation Resources achieved an employee engagement score of more than 85% in its 2015 survey.

The organisation’s core value is to be collaborative and the management team goes out of its way to listen to the views of its employees. Its annual employee engagement survey allows staff to privately and anonymously voice their opinions and dialogue on key issues is also encouraged through a monthly staff forum, where staff can raise any questions or ideas.

Conciliation Resources also encourages feedback and engagement from employees in other ways. Employees can contact the Office Manager through the intranet or provide feedback on a range of issues, from fundraising through to development of the intranet, through regular staff surveys.

Michael Waterson, Director of Operations at Conciliation Resources said: “We are delighted to win this award which recognises our achievements around employee engagement. We are in a fortunate position as an NGO that those who join our team tend to be engaged and passionate about our cause.

Of course, this alone cannot sustain the engagement of our workforce and so we encourage people to discuss key issues about the organisation with confidence. We aspire to have an environment in which staff have unlimited engagement with, and use of, cross organisational knowledge.”

Roger Parry, Director of Agenda Consulting said: “An engaged workforce will deliver many benefits to an organisation such as higher retention levels, reduced absenteeism and better individual performance. We are delighted to present Conciliation Resources with the award and we commend them on the valuable work they do to encourage employee engagement.”

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