Your starter to understand charity accounts

Charity accountants Sayer Vincent have published ‘Reading charity accounts’, a new ‘made simple’ guide which will be helpful to any supporter, employee, trustee or journalist who is unfamiliar with the legal and accounting bases which apply to charities.

Just 9 core pages to read, which give short explanations of such things as reserves, administration costs, different types of charities, and some thoughts on performance assessment.

Download via Sayer Vincent page – pdf, 391KB.


The guide is the latest in a series of over 20 guides that can be downloaded from the Sayer Vincent website. They cover a wide variety of accounting and tax topics, such as Charity Shops; Employee and Volunteer Taxation; Gift Aid, Grants and Contracts; VAT for Hospices; Tax Effective Giving and Risk Management. Sayer Vincent also runs workshops throughout the year.

Note: this item was meant to be appear in newsletter 690 (28th January) but got dropped on the floor in the editing suite. Sorry!

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