Top charity news from December

The charity news coverage, and sector reaction, kept on coming during the last days before Christmas. Here are the items we think most relevant.

Errors in ‘True and Fair’ research

The misleading “research” from the True and Fair Foundation was covered here before. Well-known senior charity accountant Pesh Framjee has published a 17-page report identifying errors in the analysis of charitable expenditure, and also called for an end to the use of cost ratios as a measure of effectiveness. From Civil Society News.

Legacy contacts

Pesh also responded to The Times piece on contacting relatives of the recently deceased to follow up on potential legacies. This is on Linkedin’s Pulse pages – ‘When and why do charities contact personal representatives and /or next of kin after a person dies‘.

Charity transparency

A government minister called for the Freedom of Information Act to be extended to include charities in receipt of government funding. NCVO responded by saying they were wholeheartedly in favour of transparency, but believing there are better, more cost effective ways to achieve it. ‘Should the Freedom of Information Act apply to charities?‘. ACEVO’s chief executive has a similar slant in his first blog of the year.

Local council budgets

Not quite so high profile but perhaps of equal importance, rom Charity Finance Group’s blog is What’s in local government’s Christmas stocking. This reports on “a very interesting offer to local councils” from the Westminster government, a possibility of 4 year council budget deals. There are a few catches, however, such as inflation and ‘efficiency plans’.

Other topics covered in this piece: more money for rural areas, Business Rates, smaller but harder cuts.