Promoting the positive impact of charities

A new project to get information about the positive impact of charities in front of the public has been launched by NCVO. The media coordinator leading the Constructive Voices project is a former BBC news producer.

The project will also be championing constructive journalism, a more solutions-focused approach to news providing a more comprehensive look at issues, analysing potential solutions alongside problems.

Constructive Voices is in the process of forming an advisory body with people from the media and small and large charities, to be led by the chair of NCVO Martyn Lewis. The project will also work alongside other sector bodies CharityComms and the Understanding Charities Group.

The project was previously covered by VoluntaryNews way back in May 2015, but progress was delayed by recruitment difficulties.

See NCVO introductory article for more on Constructive Voices.


Meanwhile, the Twitter hashtag #changedbycharity has been getting some attention, following a column in Third Sector magazine. This is also covered in a CharityComms article, encouraging more people to share their stories of how they have been changed by charity.