Finance info and reminders for (small) charities

The latest Small Charities Finance Bulletin from Charity Finance Group covers the following topics:

  • Did you know that small charities have to provide workplace pensions?
  • Why are talented Honorary Treasurers in such demand?
  • Outsourcing finance for small charities – too pricey? Plus a case study about a small disability charity who chose to outsource.
  • Small charities can claim Gift Aid on small cash donations
  • Useful training for small charities, and a request for info on useful resources.

Further resources and reminders

Another favourite charity finance newsletter is that from accountants Sayer Vincent. They have recently set up a new service for  small charities that do not need an audit. For an annual subscription of £500 (plus VAT), they can access advice and support from charity experts and attend Sayer Vincent seminars. to start with, numbers are limited.

Filing time

Charities with March financial year-ends are required to file accounts with the regulator by the end of January. The Charity Commission has written a piece for The Guardian’s Voluntary Sector Network ‘Nine things charities should avoid when filing their accounts‘.

The Charity Commission is also taking action on “double defaulting” charities, which haven’t filed properly in two consecutive years. They have named a further 14 charities as part of a ‘class inquiry’, after looking at smaller charities with a last known income of £200,000 or more. See news release ‘Charity Commission expands inquiry into charities failing to file accounts‘.