Charity regulator round-up

News from charity regulatory bodies for England and Wales, Northern Ireland, and Irish Republic.

Commission newsletter

The Charity Commission (England and Wales) published its Winter 2015 newsletter just before Christmas. The various short articles largely cover issues already mentioned in VoluntaryNews, but also:

  • a couple on tackling fraud, including “raising awareness of mandate fraud”.
  • a new online registration tool – “a public beta will be available in the New Year”.
  • a reminder to file on time, with 31st January being the deadline for accounts and annual return to be filed for 31st March year-ends.

Download the pdf (210KB) from Commission website.

Tackling abuse and mismanagement

Mentioned in CC News 52 is the Commission’s recent ‘Tackling abuse and mismanagement‘ report, looking at its  investigations and compliance case work for 2014-15.

There are several annexes to the report, including ‘Campaigning and political issues arising in the run-up to the 2015 General Election’, which details 17 charities that were complained about during the run-up to May’s general election. See Civil Society News item for coverage of this, especially around the Badger Trust.

The Charity Commission press release specifically highlights the issue of dominant individuals taking inappropriate control of their charity’s management, which trustees need to guard against.

Commission N Ireland newsletter

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland published its latest edition of CCNI News. Again, topics generally appear elsewhere on VoluntaryNews. Other pieces are on charities and personal data, and ATOL regulations around flights and charity events (separate news item for the latter to come shortly).

Strategic direction for Irish Republic regulator

Ireland’s Charities Regulatory Authority, established in October 2014, is conducting a consultation on its first Statement of Strategy for the period 2016 to 2018.  This set out how the CRA intends to carry out its mandate over these three years and the identified priorities.

The proposed two page Strategy Statement is in pdf, 54KB, then see the survey pages. Responses by 15th January.