Campaigning around the EU referendum

The Electoral Commission has published its fourth update for campaigners on the EU referendum (pdf, 51KB).

It includes information on the status of the Act, how they are publishing guidance, the counting of votes at the EU referendum, and the May 2016 elections.

The Commission’s guidance for the EU Referendum is being published in stages. While the European Union Referendum Act 2015 received royal assent on 17th December 2015, the Act does not set out all of the rules and the government will commence the provisions in the Act at a later stage. They will also make regulations that set out further rules and dates.

The registration provisions have not yet been commenced and campaigners cannot register until this happens. The Electoral Commission will publish initial guidance in early January.

Update about this guidance (and data protection guidance too) – not that we expect this will apply to many VoluntaryNews readers.