More discussions around new charity regulations

Tuesday (15th December) saw the House of Commons committee stage for the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Bill, currently going through Parliament.

Civil Society News heads its reporting ‘Shadow minister calls for more limits on Charity Commission powers‘. The minister for civil society said that the Charity Commission would issue guidance on how it would use official warnings before the power was brought in to force. » Continue reading news item ... “More discussions around new charity regulations”

Improving regulation of social investment

A consultation into regulatory barriers to social investment is being run by consumer finance regulator the Financial Conduct Authority.

As reported by Civil Society News, the call for input includes a proposal which could allow ordinary consumers to “self-certify” themselves as social investors. In that case, normal strict rules about marketing financial products would not apply to communications from charities and social enterprises.

The consultation follows the FCA’s publication of its approach to regulating crowdfunding, which led to concerns by the social investment sector about possible impact. » Continue reading news item ... “Improving regulation of social investment”

Explaining open data research into charity funding

New on NCVO’s web pages is ‘Exploring open data on charity funding‘. Two researchers give an overview of their work in the ‘Civil Society Data Partnership’ project, which is using open data to answer key questions about the voluntary sector.

The project isn’t just about answering research questions, we’re also in the business of “data resource construction”. This involves more than just bringing open data together, we’re also describing the process, the pitfalls, and hoping to produce guides for others who use the same data.

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Research on N Ireland sector governance

Northern Ireland’s VolunteerNow has published a comprehensive research report into the governance of the voluntary and community sector, which was commissioned to focus on the needs and issues facing management committee members, charity trustees etc.

In launching the report Volunteer Now’s CEO said:

“Over 33,000 individuals volunteer their time to be involved as committee members with voluntary and community groups and organisations.   The difficulty in finding new volunteers and no change in the diversity of these committees suggests we are moving towards a recruitment crisis. 

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