Working groups in fundraising reform, north and south

Sector umbrella bodies have detailed the next steps in the future of fundraising self-regulation, in Scotland and south of the border too.

In addition, former chief executive of the Big Lottery Fund Stephen Dunmore has been announced as the interim chief executive of the new fundraising regulator which results from the ‘Etherington review’, working alongside Lord Grade as chair. Civil Society News has more on Dunmore’s appointment.

Developing the Fundraising Preference Service

It was announced at the 4th December Summit on the Future of Fundraising Self-Regulation that George Kidd will chair a working group on the Fundraising Preference Service. England’s sector umbrella body NCVO is providing a supporting secretariat and has an update on progress so far.

The working group’s Terms of Reference say that it will:

  • consider the design of the FPS, including:
    • how the FPS should interact with existing systems such as the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and the Mail Preference Service (MPS);
    • how to minimise the burden for charities and the public and ensure cost-effective delivery;
    • how to provide people with the option to remain opted-in to communications from certain organisations or sectors;
    • how to best safeguard vulnerable people
    • how to protect small charities from additional regulatory burdens by, for example, introducing an exemption below a certain income.
  • propose solutions to all aspects of the practical implementation of the FPS, including but not limited to:
    • how and where it will be hosted;
    • who will be responsible for its day to day operation;
    • user experiences of the public and charities.

Under Timetable, the document says that the working group should aspire to finalise its recommendations by early Summer 2016 (to coincide with the establishment of the new Fundraising Regulator).

The full Terms of Reference are in pdf, 125KB. The NCVO article on the FPS working group also lists its members.

Fundraising Review – Scotland

Scotland’s sector umbrella body SCVO has an update article, following on from its own summit in November. Here, a working group and two sub groups are to produce a report as the basis of further discussion at the annual major sector event in February, The Gathering.

This working group will focus on three main areas:

  1. Produce an options appraisal for the three main approaches to self-regulation which can be used as an engagement tool by the sector.
  2. Produce an engagement plan for involving the sector and gathering views.
  3. Develop a final decision making process that is transparent and has legitimacy.

The article also lists members of the working group. And

The working group will contact the main people involved in implementing the Etherington review, both to ensure we contribute to that process and they are aware of how things are progressing in Scotland.

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