Finding further unused financial assets for good causes

The government has launched a new commission which is

“tasked with unlocking billions of pounds worth of dormant assets such as stocks and shares that have been untouched for more than 15 years.

“The funds collected will go to a number of good causes in a scheme that is set to be similar to that used by the Big Lottery Fund for dormant bank accounts.”

The Dormant Assets Commission will identify new pools of unclaimed assets which might include stocks, shares, pensions and bonds.

The existing Dormant Accounts Scheme sees funds from accounts that have been untouched for 15 years in banks and building societies going to good causes.

Odd that such a good news item was buried in the end of term flurry of government releases.

See the official news release.


VoluntaryNews archive news item on the setting up of the Dormant Account Scheme in 2011.