Digital transformation and tools for charities

Several new digital technology reports and articles of interest.

Digital transformation

Sector think-tank NPC has published ‘Tech for common good – The case for a collective approach to digital transformation in the social sector’, in order to effectively tackle social problems.

This suggests that

The biggest challenges the social sector faces are systemic – they are of fragmented networks, perverse incentives, poor allocation of resources and inadequate information.

and that

Digital technology presents a unique and under-exploited opportunity to address these systemic issues – given its ability to connect, co-ordinate, process and categorise at scale and with unparalleled speed.

Digital revolution

Sector consultancy nfpSynergy has produced a report with PayPal Giving Fund which seeks to answer questions such as “how is the social sector … doing in transforming itself thanks to digital technology? Is digital technology changing charities, not just in fundraising but in other areas too?”

Download ‘Long live the digital revolution in charities‘ (pdf, 340KB, registration required).

The power of domain names

Charity solicitors Bates Wells Braithwaite have an article which starts by suggesting that “The expansion of the internet with the introduction of over 600 new types of domain names is opening new opportunities for charities.”

Building better democratic societies

Last week (9th December) saw the launch of DemTools 2.0 and “a conversation on the ways technology is transforming global politics”.

“DemTools harnesses the power of free, open-source software to provide civic organizations, legislatures, and political parties with the capabilities to effectively engage 21st century citizens and build better democracies.”

This groups together a variety of tech tools, with British input from MySociety’s Fix My Community reporting tool.