Working groups in fundraising reform, north and south

Sector umbrella bodies have detailed the next steps in the future of fundraising self-regulation, in Scotland and south of the border too.

In addition, former chief executive of the Big Lottery Fund Stephen Dunmore has been announced as the interim chief executive of the new fundraising regulator which results from the ‘Etherington review’, working alongside Lord Grade as chair. Civil Society News has more on Dunmore’s appointment. » Continue reading news item ... “Working groups in fundraising reform, north and south”

Finding further unused financial assets for good causes

The government has launched a new commission which is

“tasked with unlocking billions of pounds worth of dormant assets such as stocks and shares that have been untouched for more than 15 years.

“The funds collected will go to a number of good causes in a scheme that is set to be similar to that used by the Big Lottery Fund for dormant bank accounts.”

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Key organisation in community development to close

The long-established Community Development Foundation has announced that it is to close in 2016.

The CDF news item says

While the organisation could continue trading until beyond 2018, trustees and the senior team at CDF have decided unanimously that the best way to keep the flag flying for community development is to transfer all assets (reserves, intellectual property and, possibly, programmes and products) to another organisation or organisations better positioned to achieve its charitable objectives in the long term.

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Chance for small charities to comment on fundraising reforms

The Institute of Fundraising and the Small Charities Coalition have previously said that they are to work together to engage smaller charities on the proposed reforms of fundraising regulation. They will feed the resulting ideas, concerns and recommendations into the establishment of the new Charity Fundraising Regulator and Fundraising Preference Service proposals.

They have now opened a survey seeking the views of smaller charities, which runs until 15th January. » Continue reading news item ... “Chance for small charities to comment on fundraising reforms”

Challenges to the charity sector and how to respond

There has been plenty of press coverage of the “rather ill-conceived” research (if it merits that label) by the True and Fair Foundation on how much of charity income was being spent on charitable activities.

Here are some helpful sector responses.

New Philanthropy Capital has a short piece ‘How to avoid hornet stings‘ (the report was called ‘A Hornet’s Nest’), with some points on how the research was flawed, but also advocating more transparency by charities. » Continue reading news item ... “Challenges to the charity sector and how to respond”