Sayer Vincent launches updated ‘Made Simple’ guides

Sayer Vincent, the leading UK charity accounting and auditing firm, has recently updated its popular ‘Made Simple guides’ series following a company re-brand and the guides now available for charities to download directly from their web site

The 20 guides have all been written by Sayer Vincent’s experts and cover a wide variety of financial leadership and management topics relevant to charities including Charity Shops; Employee and Volunteer Taxation; Gift Aid, Grants and Contracts; SORP 2015; VAT; VAT for Hospices; Tax Effective Giving and Risk Management. New guides have also been added to the series on difficult topics such as International Aspects of VAT.

The Made Simple guides are clear, practical and informative, covering each subject matter in detail and they are a valuable resource for charities and other third sector organisations. They have all been completely revamped and updated for 2015 and offer the most current advice on each subject matter.

Kate Sayer, partner at Sayer Vincent says: “Sayer Vincent is committed to sharing knowledge and learning. Our easy-to-use guides on charity finance and management topics help charity trustees and staff navigate through the maze of legal and regulatory rule. We recommend charities download and read these latest versions to ensure they stay on top of relevant issues.”

These guides have become well-known in the sector and many working in charity finance appreciate having access to this free resource. Nick Kavanagh, former Finance Director at Save the Children UK comments: “I have worked in charity finance most of my life. I have seen the Sayer Vincent ‘Made Simple Guides’ start up and grow over the years and can wholehearted recommend them.

“For those starting in the sector they are an invaluable introduction. For those long in the tooth, like me, they are a useful check that you are up to date, and now that there are over 20 of them they cover most areas charities get involved with,” adds Mr Kavanagh.

Sayer Vincent also offers a number of other useful resources on its web site including monthly newsletters covering topical issues, publications written by senior staff at Sayer Vincent and articles that has been printed in the media.

To download the 20 guides and see these other resources please visit