Resources and news from Trustees Week

The sixth annual Trustees Week sees the production of a range of related resources and updates.

Trustee relations Scotland’s sector umbrella SCVO has a guest article ‘Governance: it’s about people first, not processes‘, about managing relationships.

Finance officers and treasurers Accountants UHY Hacker Young take a look at the ‘Importance of a good relationship between key finance trustees and the finance officer‘.

Loans Charity Bank has published ‘Charity loans – a guide for trustees and managers‘.

The rewards of being a charity trustee, another piece for SCVO ‘How to pan for gold and treasure it!‘, which links through to revised governance information.

Charity Commission (England and Wales) has a news release highlighting one of trustees’ main duties: keeping within charity rules. ‘Before you do anything, check your governing document

Charity Commission for Northern Ireland has published ten tips to help all charity trustees ensure they are following their legal duties.

Thinktank NPC has ‘What can trustees learn from Kids Company?‘ – the problems there highlight the need for engaged trustees who can steer charities through the lean times as well as the more comfortable times.

NCVO has an article which emphasises the need for diversity as part of ensuring good performance and effectiveness – not just for social justice and reflecting communities. ‘Widening the generational gene pool of trustees‘.