Organisational updates: youth support, community finance, independence

Name change

The Community Development Finance Association has changed its name to Responsible Finance. As reported by Civil Society News, there is a new website and also new animation to explain how the organisation works. The organisation has also produced a report ‘The Responsible Finance Industry 2015’ – see their news release for more.

Youth merger

Two youth support charities, YouthNet and Get Connected, are set to merge. The digital reach of YouthNet and Get Connected’s telephone helpline would create the UK’s largest multi-channel support charity for 16-25 year olds, with a particular focus on mental wellbeing and creating opportunities through volunteering.

See YouthNet’s news release.

Closure of Independent Action campaign

The National Coalition for Independent Action is closing down after nearly 10 years defending independent voluntary action against co-option by the state.

As reported in the submitted VoluntaryNews item ‘NCIA goes out with a challenge‘:

“The future lies with new alliances and ways of organising amongst voluntary and community groups, activists, unions, academics and others determined to halt the erosion of our social protections, the rise of gross inequality, the worship of profit and the demonisation of those damaged by such ideologies.”