Impact of campaigning regulations in Scotland

A study of Scottish organisations on the impact of the Lobbying Act, in the months following the general election, found that it had harmed third sector campaigning in Scotland, especially by smaller organisations.

Organisations in the study reckoned that the law created a significant amount of extra work, with additional obligations both if they had registered with the Electoral Commission and if they hadn’t. Coalition work emerged as a major theme, with research participants saying they had been discouraged or limited in their efforts to build coalitions – with the support of larger organisations for smaller ones a particular problem.

There were some benefits, however, as some participants reported that increased bureaucratic measures had made them more aware of employee and financial activities, and also led them to develop more effective communication and campaign strategies.

More in the SCVO article ‘Lobbying Act harming third sector campaigning in Scotland‘. Or see the summary of the research, with recommendations.