A little advice from the Charity Commission

The Charity Commission has written a number of advice articles for charity trustees recently.

Their piece ‘Before you do anything, check your governing document’ was covered in our round-up of resources from Trustees Week. (Note: second 2015 Trustees Week round-up is here.) NCVO now has a version of this article, Trustees and governing documents.

Since then, another Commission news story has appeared, ‘Act in your charity’s best interests’, which mainly focuses on managing conflicts of interests. It also includes the following paragraph

Sometimes acting in the charity’s best interests can mean challenging perceived wisdom. It might not be the best thing to carry on doing something just because that’s the way you’ve always done it, or because the loudest voice in the room says so. Ask awkward questions. Say when you don’t understand. But when a decision is reached, it means going along with it (unless you are so sure it’s seriously wrong that you need to tell the commission, or even resign).

Not bad advice, but your editor isn’t sure the implied “either tell the Charity Commission of concerns, or (as a last resort) resign”, is quite right. And as well as awkward questions, don’t be afraid of seemingly obvious (silly) ones, too!