Continuing a watch over sector independence

Think tank Civil Exchange is to extend the work carried out by the Panel on the Independence of the Voluntary Sector to cover a “critical 18 months”. This period is seen as possibly critical in defining the sector’s future independence.


The Panel’s final report ‘An Independent Mission: the voluntary sector in 2015’ came out in February 2015. Civil Exchange will produce two further annual assessments of the independence of the voluntary sector and its relationship with the state.

“We will be exploring whether recent negative trends can be reversed – which include contract terms and legislation that restrict the sector’s independent voice; reduced consultation; and weak protections and regulation to stop state interference. We will also look at whether devolution will make genuine collaboration easier.”

“If you’ve got examples of what’s working or not working or just have views, do let us know, so we can build them into the reports.”

See Civil Exchange press release for more and how to contribute evidence or views.