Charities and politics

The recent party conference season and fall-out from hostile press coverage on charities has led to quite a number of articles with a political flavour. Here’s a small selection.

Firstly a news item not warranting its own piece on VoluntaryNews. The Minister for Civil Society has stated in Parliament, as recorded in Hansard, that

“I shall shortly announce a package of measures to support more public sector bodies to better utilise the (Public Services Social Value) Act”.

On New Philanthropy Capital, ‘Party conferences, fringes, and the charity sector’ looks at Labour and Conservative policies and approaches.

And a blog on Modern British Studies, ‘Sticking the boot into charity‘ discusses the future of charities amidst this more hostile environment, after first giving an overview of developments in recent years. It suggests that “To some extent, the sector can look to comfort from history.”