Volunteers across Europe in criminal justice work

A new report ‘The role and value of volunteers in the Criminal Justice System: a European study’ presents findings from a survey on the current contribution and value of volunteers across Europe, in courts, prisons, probation systems and non-governmental organisations.

Published by Clinks for the Justice Involving Volunteers in Europe (JIVE) project, the report suggests that, to truly modernise volunteering, it must move towards becoming a key social networking activity grounded in a commitment to civic engagement, rather than a purely personal, altruistic action.

The European-wide survey was conducted during 2014 and teh report provides direct comparisons between EU Member States on a range of topics including: the activities undertaken by volunteers, the types of organisations that involve volunteers, training and recruitment, and what lies behind the motivations of volunteers across Europe. It also sets out a number of recommendations.

Download the report (pdf, 6.3MB) via Clinks resources page.