Size of the charity sector isn’t a simple question

Civil Society News has a sensible analysis piece on quite how many charities there are in the UK, beyond the 160,000 usually quoted – that’s just the number registered with the Charity Commission (for England and Wales).

The answer? Nobody really knows, but it’s probably more than 400,000.

Meanwhile, sector researchers and consultants nfpSynergy have published a four page ‘Facts and Figures’ document. This brings together a number of statistics, such as the number of charities and employees, levels of donations and volunteering, the contribution of charities to areas such as cancer research and housing, and a regional perspective too. It does repeat the common error of using 160,000 registered  charities “in the UK”, rather than noting that this doesn’t include Scotland and the registration process currently underway in Northern Ireland.

‘Facts and figures about the charity sector, September 2015’, pdf download (295KB) via nfpSynergy page, registration required.