Public and politicians attitudes to charity

Two separate surveys have looked at politician, and public, attitudes to charities.

Sector research body nfpSynergy reckons that “Charities face tough battles ahead on campaigning with many MPs – particularly Conservatives. Two thirds of Conservative MPs think that the charity sector is too political, and one third think that charities should not campaign in Parliament at all.”

Civil Society News coverage or see the press release, which has a link through to PowerPoint slides with more details.

A report from Charities Aid Foundation has found that, of the 150 MPs it surveyed, over three quarters of Conservative MPs don’t believe that voluntary organisations should be protected from spending cuts. This research also surveyed the general public, and discovered that public trust in charities has fallen following recent high profile fundraising controversies. Fifty seven per cent, from the sample of over 2,000, agreed that charities are “trustworthy”, compared with a figure of 71 per cent responding to the same question in a Charity Commission survey in 2014.

Third Force News items, or see CAF news release with link to the report ‘Under the microscope: Examining the future of charities in Britain’ (pdf, 611KB). UPDATE: there’s also an article on Huffington Post (2nd October).