Impact of faith in charity work

Sector thinktank NPC has been asking the question ‘What is the role of faith in the charity sector?‘ for a while. Following initial research, it is now exploring the influence of faith across six organisational characteristics:

  • Purpose and focus: How does faith feature in a charities founding statement, mission and charitable objectives?
  • Reach: Does faith amplify, or limit, the ability of charities to reach beneficiaries?
  • Delivery of services: Does faith affect charities in the commissioning landscape?
  • Collaboration: Does faith facilitate collaboration and what types of collaboration are faith-based organisations involved in?
  • Funding: How dies faith impact fundraising and how does faith influence grant-making?
  • Impact: Does faith affect how a charity measures impact?

NPC is keen to engage with as many different charities, funders and faiths as possible. This includes a joint round table debate on 15th September. Details of this and how else to get involved in the project in the NPC article.

Full findings from the research are due to be published in a few months.