Experience of nominating community assets

The Community Right to Bid was introduced in 2011 and allows the nomination of ‘Assets of Community Value’, giving the community 6 months to bid for it if the property comes up for sale. In the absence an official database, Tessa Lynn of the University of Reading, who is carrying out research into the use of this right, has been monitoring the assets being nominated.

She gives a few facts from what she has been able to collect in an article for LGIU (‘the local democracy think-tank’). Her research work is ongoing and input is invited.

Asset transfer webinar resources

Separately, a series of webinars is being presented by the Community Ownership and Management of Assets programme, supporting Community Asset Transfer in 50 areas across the country. Some resources from the first of these are on Community Matters website Рwe have only briefly looked at the links here, but may be of use to anyone getting involved  in the subject.