Addressing concerns on charity data use and fundraising

Further to last week’s VoluntaryNews article ‘Data issues, charity marketing and beneficiaries‘, the Information Commissioner has a relevant item ‘ICO investigating charity data sharing‘. He is at pains to point out that “There is a danger here of blackening a whole sector”, but also the obvious data protection problems highlighted by recent media coverage of claimed fundraising practices.

This week has also seen the first session of the ‘Fundraising in the charitable sector inquiry‘ being carried out by the House of Commons’ Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee. See that link for available information about the session (and written evidence that has been submitted), or two Civil Society News articles:

Meanwhile, a letter from 17 high profile charities included the statement

“We will support the establishment of a new and independent regulator with the power to proactively investigate, audit and impose strong penalties on any charity that breaks the rules on fundraising.”

Civil Society News on this.

UPDATE: a well considered piece on the fault lines displayed between the bodies involved in fundraising regulation and implications of current developments (again from Civil Society News).