Voluntary sector research round-up

A round-up of recent published research undertaken about or for the voluntary sector – on ageing, rural ethnic communities, community hospital support, costs of the living wage, refugee destitution, charity data and offenders. From Third Sector Research Centre, Voluntary Sector Studies Network, NPC.

During August, the article ‘Ageing, place and voluntarism: towards a geographical perspective on third sector organisations and volunteers in ageing communities’ from July 2014’s issue of Voluntary Sector Review is available for download, at no cost. Get this content from ingentaconnect. The journal of the Voluntary Sector Studies Network, the latest issue of the Review is available to their subscribers (Volume 6, Number 2), including articles such as ‘A new model of volunteer leadership: lessons from a local festival’ and ‘The negative impacts of volunteering: a qualitative case study of one UK Scout group’ – for subscribers only.

Third Sector Research Centre has a topical Briefing Paper estimating the total cost to third sector organisations of moving from National Minimum Wage levels to the possible “National living wage” level of £9 per hour. ‘Accounting for the impact of the forthcoming National Living Wage on the third sector‘ (pdf, 207KB).

Challenging the destitution policy‘ (pdf, 116KB) is a TSRC ‘Below the radar’ briefing paper exploring the responses of different civil society groups and organisations to destitution amongst refugees, migrants and asylum seekers. A full working paper is to follow.

There are many charities working to help ex-offenders. NPC examines progress since it started (in 2012) developing ways to help those charities understand and develop impact for their beneficiaries. It also makes recommendations for how criminal justice charities can strengthen their work in the future. ‘Under the microscope: Data, charities and working with offenders‘ from http://www.thinknpc.org/publications/under-the-microscope/.

A TSRC Working Paper ‘Mapping community-based financial charitable support for community hospitals in England and Wales’ examines the financial support that local community groups and organisations provide to community hospitals and how it has changed since 1995. Working Paper 133, in pdf, 539KB.

Another TSRC research document is ‘Black People don’t drink tea‘ (pdf, 508KB), about the experience of Rural Black and Minority Ethnic Community Groups in England.