Charity pensions update

Assessing employer fund contributions

As reported by Civil Society News, The Pensions Regulator has produced specialist guidance on how to assess the strength of charities and not-for-profit organisations when considering required contributions to combined pension funds.

Where charities are members of pension schemes run, for example, mainly for public sector workers in health or local government, they are often asked to contribute more money because the ability to guarantee payment in the future is considered to be weak. This guidance indicates that donation income should be treated differently.

See Appendix B of ‘Assessing and monitoring the employer covenant‘ from The Pensions Regulator.

Local government pension schemes

Another article on Civil Society News, ‘New measures could help charities in local government pension schemes‘, looks at how new proposals could crack the problem of unaffordable exit fees versus the¬†unsustainability of ongoing participation.


A basic, but helpful, article from CIPD’s People Management magazine “busts the myths around (pension) auto-enrolment“. Written by experts from the government-backed pension provider Nest, it tackles the most common confusions.

NCVO has also just published ‘Time to get ready for automatic enrolment‘, written by ones of its trusted suppliers, Lucas Fettes & Partners, an¬†independent financial services and insurance group.