Volunteering trends

Rates of volunteering in England are steady, according to the latest official Community Life survey results. NCVO’s head of research looks at the stats in more detail, along with some thoughts on trends and implications, in this NCVO article.

The Institute of Volunteering Research (part of NCVO) has tweeted that the latest survey is much smaller than previous years – 2022 respondents against 5105 last year, and some sample sizes are very small (so not as statistically robust, e.g only 101 respondents in the north east).

A Civil Society News article on the Community Life survey also looks at the giving data, which shows an increase in amount per person.

Social trends damaging volunteering?

For a more academic-based discussion of volunteering trends (not connected with the item above), see an article from¬†online journal People, Place and Policy, ‘Volunteering, the market, and neoliberalism‘.

The abstract says

This paper builds on recent literature which has examined how trends in volunteering, at the organisational, operational and policy levels, may be negatively affecting the nature of volunteering itself.

a social order which prioritises benefit to the individual over benefit to the collective may cause potential long-term damage to the act of volunteering.