Questions from fundraising self-regulation review

The review of fundraising self-regulation requested by the government, which is being led by the chief executive of NCVO, has set out the questions for those interested in contributing. The questions are copied below.

Responses are wanted no later than Friday 14th August – the review is due to report to the Minister for Civil Society by mid-September.

See for the full questions document with how to respond (pdf, 290KB), plus links to the review’s terms of reference etc.

Also see our earlier item ‘Fundraising legislation and reviews move forward‘.

Consultation questions

1. What do you consider to be the strengths and weaknesses of the current self-regulatory set up? Do you believe self-regulation continues to be an appropriate approach to regulating fundraising?
2. What do you consider to be the strengths and weaknesses of the bodies currently involved in self-regulation?
3. What changes, if any, do you believe should be made to the current self-regulatory structure?
4. What do you consider the most effective ways to ensure coverage of and compliance with a self-regulatory regime?
5. How could it best be ensured that a future self-regulatory system is adequately resourced?
6. Which charities should be covered by self-regulation? Should there be a threshold for fundraised income before membership of a self-regulatory body is expected? If so, where would you set this threshold?
7. Should additional measures be put in place to monitor or regulate operational fundraising agencies, such as call centres? If so, what should these be?
8. Do you have views on how to ensure charities adhere to high standards in public fundraising, other than through formal regulatory structures?

The document also say “Please feel free to provide views or evidence on any other related matters that you believe would help inform our review”.