Official NI guidance on charity trustee duties

Northern Ireland’s charity regulator has issued guidance which aims to provide an accessible guide to support charity trustees in meeting their legal duties.

As well as information on legal and best practice requirements, the  guidance includes a twelve point checklist, asking trustees to consider if they:

  • know the rules in the charity’s governing document and keep them regularly under review
  • have and maintain a list of legislation that impacts on the charity 
  • regularly review the charity’s activities and area of operation to identify legal obligations and best practice 
  • regularly review the charity’s policies and procedures to ensure they are up to date and fit for purpose
  • place legal compliance as a standing item on meetings of the charity’s trustees
  • ensure all new trustees receive an induction and are subject to trustee checks 
  • have read relevant charity guidance produced by the Commission 
  • seek advice from a professional or umbrella body where necessary 
  • have read and comply with the Code of Good Governance 
  • keep good records of trustee meetings to show how they have exercised governance over the charity 
  • keep good accounting and other records.

Charity Commission for Northern Ireland news release includes a link to ‘Getting it right: Guidance to assist charities in complying with their legal obligations and explain how the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland identifies and addresses non-compliance’. Or find it on their monitoring and compliance pages.

(Note: for some reason, both the above links changed after we first published this news item. Our links have been updated.)

Charity register survey

VoluntaryNews notes in passing that CCNI is running a short survey on the use of its online charity register. Brought to our attention by their tweet a few days ago, it is currently linked from the register search page.