Improving understanding of modern charities

The Understanding Charities Group, which is coordinated by CharityComms and NCVO, has been working on how to improve public understanding of modern charities and how they operate. This has increased relevance given the recent high profile, and largely negative, media stories.

The group has been meeting since October 2014, and has now produced a ‘theory of change’ to inform the next steps. This starts with better evidence and engagement, and improving the ability “to shape our stories and live up to high standards”. Better, stronger stories will then have an impact on visibility and profile, generating knowledge and understanding, trust and confidence.

See ‘We must work together to improve understanding of charities and maintain public support‘ on CharityComms website, with link to the theory of change document (pdf, 342KB).

The group also wants to keep hearing from charities about their view of the public’s understanding of the sector.