Helping reshape the data revolution for society

The OpenDemocracy website has an interesting article on its ‘OurKingdom’ section, ‘A data revolution for whom?‘. It’s not just about opening up existing official data:

We ignore at our peril the question of whether information routinely generated by public bodies for their manifold objectives (such as evaluating policies or delivering services) is attuned to the needs, interests and questions of civil society groups, journalists and others outside the public sector.

The article is based around a discussion paper from Open Knowledge, ‘Democratising the Data Revolution’, intended to advance thinking and action around civil society engagement with the data revolution. The paper ends with a series of questions about what practical steps institutions and civil society organisations might take to change what is measured and how, and how these measurements are put to work.

Get the discussion paper (pdf, 1.5MB) via the Open Knowledge blog, which also gives a number of ways to respond.