Scottish review of fundraising regulation launches

The informal review of fundraising in Scotland, which the Scottish Government called on the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations to undertake, has now been launched. It will seek to assess whether or not the current system of public charity fundraising self-regulation is working.

The review, which will report back by the end of August, will be led by a reference group made up of third sector representatives and will also include a survey on views about fundraising among members of the public, charities with an interest in the sector’s reputation, charities who fundraise and professional fundraisers.

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Plea to reinstate old Charity Commission website

A petition to reinstate the free-standing Charity Commission website has been started on 38Degrees by the legal firm Withers.

The preamble says

 (the Commission website) is no longer bespoke, and, as a consequence, much of the very helpful guidance and information which used to be there is no longer readily available, which is to the detriment of those for whom it would have been useful.

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Simplifying community radio service commitments

Media regulator Ofcom is consulting on its approach to community radio ‘Key Commitments’, where each station is required to provide the service described in its licence.

Ofcom is proposing to adopt a new simplified approach to Key Commitments, requiring only those elements that are specific to the character of service of an individual community radio service to be set out in detail in the licence. » Continue reading news item ... “Simplifying community radio service commitments”

Questions from fundraising self-regulation review

The review of fundraising self-regulation requested by the government, which is being led by the chief executive of NCVO, has set out the questions for those interested in contributing. The questions are copied below.

Responses are wanted no later than Friday 14th August – the review is due to report to the Minister for Civil Society by mid-September.

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Creating a compelling cross-sector story

A thinkpiece on NPC’s website suggests that the charity sector in the UK could follow the “sense of coherence or ambition” of the international community by coming up with its own cross-sector ‘Sustainable Development Goals’.

The author thinks “it’s time we had a collective and compelling story that raises our sights and makes us feel we can change the world we live in”.

Read more in ‘Goals for good: SDGs for the UK charity sector‘.

CoStars play leading role in turning Cwmbran community around

A Cwmbran social enterprise is at the heart of a project revitalising the lives of thousands of people living in one of the new town’s biggest communities.

The CoStar Partnership has turned Greenmeadow’s Threepenny Bit Community Centre into a vital hub since the charity was established 15 years ago, and been hailed as playing an ‘unprecedented’ role in reducing anti-social behaviour, building community spirit and pride and improving the health and wellbeing of residents. » Continue reading news item ... “CoStars play leading role in turning Cwmbran community around”