Websites going to grey

Your editor is disappointed to see various sector websites following trends to using ‘low-contrast text’ – typically with grey or off-grey backgrounds. Readers who are revamping online communications may wish to read this recent article from user experience experts Nielsen Norman Group ‘Low-Contrast Text Is Not the Answer‘.

Emails with low contrast features typically get deleted unread at VoluntaryNews (editorial eyesight has never been good). The list of websites for the ‘remove greyness’ Firefox plug-in * is also growing. Please, no more!


* The Stylish plug-in – you need some knowledge of CSS to set it up for this purpose.

4 thoughts on “Websites going to grey

  1. Thanks for the comment, and sorry if the comment box doesn’t quite meet the standards. Its meant to turn to ordinary black on white as soon as you start typing.

    We’re still tweaking the odd thing from the new design introduced a month ago. But on checking, there’s no way to change the comment styling without changing the whole comment system – and that option was checked the other day without coming up with an obvious alternative.

  2. Thanks for that. Unfortunately its not that simple, as the comment entry box is served direct from JetPack servers in an iframe, so tweaking VoluntaryNews own CSS make no difference. At present, a change of comment system is the only option, other than switching off commenting. The JetPack system is reliable, and free, even if its code and styling falls down in places.

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