Volunteers Week round-up

Our round-up of items published in connection with Volunteers Week, which runs 1st to 7th June.

From NCVO’s discussion pages:

How many of you know where the European Capital of Volunteering is this year? Or perhaps more to the point, how many of you knew there was such a thing as a European Capital of Volunteering.

Bringing Volunteering Home‘ suggests a serious challenge to get this title bestowed on the UK for a future year.

The Guardian’s Voluntary Sector Network has a good piece on ‘A history of the volunteer: how active citizenship became the big society‘.  It examines the evolution of volunteering, from medieval volunteer hospitals to ‘professional’ volunteer support, forever at the mercy of political rebranding.

Recent research from nfpSynergy consultants suggests that there are still some perceived barriers to be broken down in order to engage more people in volunteering. See their article ‘Time Out: 4 common barriers to volunteering & how to overcome them‘.

An article in The Telegraph has stirred up some comment around the chair of NCVO Martyn lewis saying that an “army of volunteers” should be used to deliver public services. See Civil Society News for instance. NCVO’s own blog has addressed the issue somewhat in ‘Volunteers who deliver: How many are involved in public service delivery?‘.

The quote came from Martyn Lewis in his role as the chair of the Queens Award for Voluntary Service committee. See a news article on the announcement of this year’s winners of the award.  The number of awards this time has increased by over 60% from 2014, due to an increase in high quality applications. The official Awards list can be accessed here, which also has a link for nominating for 2016’s Awards – nominations close 18th September.

Note: depending on various factors, we may add more items to this VoluntaryNews article, or publish a further update later. Also check various #volunteersweek tweets rounded up over on CharityBlog.