Short timescale to apply for Local Sustainability Fund

The Local Sustainability Fund, first trailed by the government back in March 2014, has been launched by the Office for Civil Society with sufficient money to “help around 250 voluntary organisations to secure their futures”. The twenty million pounds is half of the amount originally suggested.

Managed by Big Lottery Fund, the grants will enable recipients to implement organisational changes and access professional advice that might currently be out of their reach. The grants of between £20,000 and £100,000 will go to selected “high-impact charities and social enterprises in England” that deliver vital support to vulnerable and disadvantaged people. They first have to complete a diagnostic tool and eligibility checker by 26th July.

On launching the fund, the charities minister said, that as well providing money,

The Local Sustainability Fund will establish cross-sector partnerships and build skills crucial to delivering sustainability in the sector.

See Civil Society News item for more background and sector views.

Other links: Official news release or visit to check your organisation’s eligibility and find out more about applying for the Local Sustainability Fund.