Reducing admin burden on NI grant funding

A ‘Code of Practice for Reducing Bureaucracy in Grant Funding to the Voluntary and Community Sector’ has been developed for Northern Ireland, to address disproportionate bureaucracy in grant funding by government bodies to the voluntary and community sector. It has been developed with input from government departments, the NI Audit Office and sector body NICVA.

The Code applies to revenue grant funding only, and does not apply to capital funding grants, procurement or to EU funding. While directly applicable to central government funding, “local councils and other funders are strongly encouraged to apply the principles, with suitable adjustments for their own context and requirements”.

There is also an associated Financial Systems and Controls Assessment of Voluntary and Community Organisations, introducing a common risk based approach to underpin the financial verification aspects of the Code, to help streamline and align funders’ procedures, achieve greater consistency and reduce duplication of effort.

See NICVA’s article for more detail and link to the Code (in Word format).