Examining voluntary sector statistics

The 14th edition of the UK Civil Society Almanac has been published by NCVO, focusing on sector data for 2012/13. This shows a continuation of recent trends, with the charity sector economy flat-lining at a level slightly below a peak reached in 2007/8.

The news release ‘Charity sector ‘running to stand still’ as overall financial position remains static‘ gives some more headline statistics. Also, senior research officer David Kane points out

“Inevitably, the aggregate numbers in the almanac disguise the changes experienced by individual organisations, some in real danger, others expanding rapidly. This year’s almanac shows the sector was keeping its head above water in 2012/13, but its overall financial position remains challenging.”

David Kane’s short article ‘Almanac 2015 – where to start‘ is indeed a quick starter guide, or go direct to the Almanac’s own web pages – perhaps beginning with the Big Picture.