Charity Commission: finding guidance, employing trustees

As usual, most of the useful items in the latest Charity Commission News (dated April 2015) have already been covered in VoluntaryNews. There is one new subject, ‘5 tips for finding our guidance on GOV.UK’, which we reproduce below for convenience.

Other topics include:

  • Does your charity have authority to employ trustees?
  • Changes to the annual return for 2015.
  • The new (beta) online register and updates to come.
  • Changes to charity audit thresholds.

Download the pdf, 230KB via

Tips from Charity Commission on how to find its guidance for charities and their advisers on GOV.UK:

1. When using Google, Bing or other search engines, always include ‘charity commission’ in your search terms, eg ‘report serious incident charity commission’.

2. Bookmark the list of topics – these list guidance for charities produced by the commission and others (eg HMRC).

3. Bookmark our homepage to use its quick links for common tasks like annual returns.

4. If you’re using GOV.UK’s site search, choose to only show commission guidance in search returns by clicking on the drop-down ‘Organisations’ filter and ticking ‘The Charity Commission’ (alternatively you can also include ‘charity commission’ in your search terms).

5. Click ‘The Charity Commission’ link at the top of each page of guidance to return to our homepage (or type ‘charity commission’ into GOV.UK’s search box).