Overview of new government’s legislative proposals

The new government’s programme of legislation for the current session of parliament was set out in the Queen’s Speech on 27th May. Much of the outline of the content was already known, but there will be a lot of scrutiny to come of areas relevant to the sector.

NCVO quickly produced an overview of five pieces of legislation (‘bills’ when in draft form) they consider of most relevance:

  • European Union Referendum Bill
  • Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill
  • Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Bill
  • Full Employment and Welfare Benefits Bill
  • Housing Bill

Civil Society News coverage leads with NCVO’s comment that the Housing Bill creates a “worrying precedent” for charities, as it would force some charities to dispose of assets at below market value. » Continue reading news item ... “Overview of new government’s legislative proposals”

Legal help around community buildings

New guidance on the law about buildings and land designed to help busy managers of community buildings has been published on the Building Assets website.

The resource has been developed by Russell Cooke Solicitors, and should also be useful “for trustees and members of management committees and all in the sector who want to check or improve their understanding of the law in this vital area”. » Continue reading news item ... “Legal help around community buildings”

Dangers of data, value of randomised controlled trials

Two contrasting discussion articles on data and evaluation.

From a nonprofit comment site which likes to make strong statements, ‘Weaponized data: How the obsession with data has been hurting marginalized communities‘ does give some serious backing to the headline.

Over on NCVO’s pages, the Head of their Charities Evaluation Services introduces an article exploring in depth the usefulness of randomised controlled trials for evaluation in the voluntary sector. » Continue reading news item ... “Dangers of data, value of randomised controlled trials”

Zero hour contract exclusivity ruled out

Provisions in the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act dealing with zero hours contracts came into force on 26th May. Section 153 covers ‘exclusivity terms unenforceable in zero hours contracts’.

This will impact employers who do not guarantee staff any hours of work, but prevent them from working for another employer. See People Management magazine article

Other Act provisions which came in the same day * include increased penalties for breach of the National Minimum Wage law. » Continue reading news item ... “Zero hour contract exclusivity ruled out”

Larger charities not fully embracing digital donations

A survey of UK charities earlier this year found that one in five charities don’t have facilities to accept online donations. Almost nine tenths of those with such facilities used third party sites to process donations.

Offline payments still account for 80% of donations, with a lack of a “computer savvy” donor base seen as a major barrier.

Research commissioned by Barclays Digital Giving was undertaken in February and March, sampling UK based charities with a minimum turnover of three million pounds. » Continue reading news item ... “Larger charities not fully embracing digital donations”

Charity shops survey 2015

This year’s  (24th) Charity Shops Survey, run by Charity Finance and Fundraising magazines, is inviting participation. Last year’s survey, covering some 6,500 shops, found that growth was slowing after a boom period at the height of the recession.

See Civil Society News for details and questionnaire (pdf or Excel formats). Closing date 26th June.