Supporting charities in health and social care

A review of how government invests in the voluntary sector working in health and care is being carried out by the Department of Health, Public Health England, NHS England and sector representatives. An interim report has been published and is available via

Charity Finance Group has an article ‘VCSE review points the way to better commissioning’ which finds 3 key lessons:

  • It’s time to really open up commissioning to the sector
  • Commissioners cannot ignore the capacity crunch in the voluntary sector
  • We need community budgets to generate social value

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The Guardian’s Voluntary Sector Network also has a connected item, written by chief executive of the Lloyds Bank Foundation, ‘We need to encourage collaboration in health and social care‘.

Based on a recent conference on the subject rather than the report, an NPC discussion piece is concerned about taking steps towards creating meaningful engagement between commissioners, clinicians and the charity sector. ‘Making the most of charities in health part 1: Rules of engagement’